Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Prior's 'dear santa' letter  that he made with Erika. He drew a picture of a "tool one". 
Mason's picture of a train set.
The boys didn't really get this part - but they will next year for sure. That will give me some time to work on disguising my handwriting.
Santa came through on the train set - and it is a HUGE hit.
Santa also brought a pedal tractor. 
 Did Santa forget there are two boys?!

Using the tools to fix the tractor

Notice it's still dark out - they were excited to get up to see what Santa brought!

 A beautiful Minnesota sunrise...
In the stocking: fun band aids and some Dora/Diego books

Next up? Some serious windshield time.
And some serious naps - how cute is this?
We stopped to help Grandma at work.
Trying to open the safe.
PRESENTS! At this age opening is even more fun than what's inside...
Showing grandma and grandpa how we can sing along to our John Deere movie.
Happy (early) birthday Dad!
"helping" with dishes

Love this picture!

Trying on Miles' ski goggles

Roselle church - a beautiful clear afternoon

Christmas mass

These two yahoos (P and M that is) hadn't napped, so the only way they could keep themselves awake was to move CONSTANTLY! As you can see, that made for very meaningful and reflective prayer time at church.

16 and counting...

Cuddling with grandma

I told P on the way home that his feet were stinky - he didn't believe me.

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