Thursday, December 8, 2011


We recently visited the Linden Hills neighborhood for some fun holiday cheer. We saw live penguins, reindeer, and beautiful horses. We even saw Santa Claus himself. Prior jumped right onto Santa's lap. Mason was scared (typical). Santa asked what they wanted and the boys told him the following:

Mason: "Train Set"
Prior: "Tool One" (I think he means the "one" we saw in a magazine, but it cracks me up that he always says tool one instead of tool set)

On that note, I picked up a sweet enormous Thomas the train collection off craig's list that I'm super excited to give the boys. They will love it. 

The next morning the boys woke up and on the monitor we heard:

"I petted the reindeer". "I didn't pet the reinder." "I didn't pet the penguin." "I didn't pet the penguin either." "I did pet the horse." "Me too! I petted the horse too!" "I didn't sit on Santa's lap." "Prior, you did sit on Santa's lap!" 

A complete recap. Classic!

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