Thursday, December 29, 2011


The boys think the farm is the coolest. And thanks to this gorgeous December weather we really got to enjoy it over Christmas.

Let it be known: we'd trade the snow for this crazy warm weather any day. Even Christmas!

One time (even before the boys were born) Denny told me if we moved closer to Dedham he'd (maybe) buy me a horse that would live on the farm. Obviously that meant he would feed it and care for it.

While we did technically move closer to Dedham, he hasn't come through on his end of the deal (yet). I guess 10 miles didn't quite meet the definition of "closer".

However, we DID get to ride horses during this trip! We also found even more cool toys at great-uncle B's farm: a big rig where we even got to pretend to drive it and honk the horns, a skid steer, a big pig trailer, cats, and horses. 

We also rode in the "loader tractor" while Grandpa put the bucket up and down and up and down. VERY cool.

We helped feed the cows breakfast. And got a close up picture of the bull - for obvious reasons!

It is so much fun taking the boys back to the farm!

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