Saturday, December 3, 2011

Insta-Weekend 11.27.11: Part 2

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday...for so many reasons. For one - it's a guaranteed four day weekend.

Therefore, here are some pictures from the rest of the weekend.

More dumpsters means more progress!
Helping clean up the needles under the tree
Potty training. I need to write a separate post soley about this "journey".
Do they get it? YES. Do they care? NO!
The boys have identical bikes. And by identical, I mean identical except for the small little initial sticker on the front of the bike. The boys say that Grandpa Don "made" the bikes. The only thing is that they refuse to ride the bike that isn't theirs. It's hilarious. They check every time!
Our neighbors gave us this fantastic hand-me-down air hockey toy. It's pretty cool.
Getting out the ornaments for the tree. One of my favorite things to do!
At "Nards".
Dear Santa....All we want for Christmas...
Our weekly trip to Costco to buy out-of-season berries in bulk!
Prior (a.k.a. Rudolf). I love this pic!
I explained to the boys that Santa comes down the chimney. They then proceeded to unlock all of the doors in the house. Not only did they look at me like I was totally making it up, they decided coming in one of the doors would be much easier. 
Music class.
Shoveling the leaves. The santa hats (thank you, Etsy) are hilarious.
Sweeping the deck.
How much would you spend for these pull-ups? Huggies thinks they are worth $40. I tend to disagree. 
The boys got this tent for their 2nd birthday and it had been in the basement packed away since the move.  We got it out and it's just like a new toy!
Picking up the tree. Come to find out, this is Ben's first ever real Christmas tree. 
Need to wash your hands? Hope not.
Remodeling projects are the best!
We have so many trees in our neighborhood that they were still falling after the first snowfall. Come to think of it, maybe it has nothing to do with the number of trees and more to do with the part of the country we live in.
Butternut squash topped with a little brown sugar and all-spice. Yum!

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