Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's been a while since I've written specific details about what Prior and Mason are saying and doing these days...

The both weigh right around 31 pounds give or take a few ounces and are the exact same height. They sleep in the same room, in the same bed. They have a twin-over-full bunk bed that the manufacturer "forgot" to send the ladder for, so they both sleep on the bottom bunk. And with all of their stuffed animals, blankies, lovies, and more blankets, it's a tight squeeze. Typically Mason either bites, pinches, pushes, or somehow irritates Prior enough to start crying one time before they both fall asleep.

I could write a novel. I'd title it "stuff I hear on the monitor". It would be funny. Like this:

Mason: "Prior....Prior...wake uuuuuppppp..."
Prior: "still sleeping, Mase"

Or, "how ya feeling, Mase?"

Or, " (x42)

I then open their door (remember they can't turn the lights on nor can they open the door). 

Mason: "There she is!!!"
Prior" "Mom - we've been looking for you!"

More updates:

Mason is more aggressive with Prior, but Prior is the first one to jump in the pool, sit on Santa's lap, or jump in Grandpa's tractor or tow truck.

We joke that Prior is "mother hen". He's constantly looking out for someone. "Don't forget your phone, Mom", or "Dad, do you need to back in to the driveway"? Prior is definitely the more sensitive one. Very much a mama's boy. Demands his back and hair be rubbed before bed. Mason doesn't care.

I feel like we've been dabbling in the area of potty training for a year. They definitely get it - but have no interest committing to it. I've tried a few weekends of underwear and timed potty breaks and it has seemed to get me no where except extremely tired and frustrated. And lots of wet laundry. I guess they'll be ready at some point, right?

Mason is a natural athlete. He always has a ball in his hand. Prior is not quite as interested. Not sure if he's not as natural at it because he tries copying his brother but his right hand doesn't work as well as his left. We'll have to see how he turns out.

We've already had two ear infections this fall/winter and I'm hoping the frequency does not continue through spring. 

Now for a few stories..

A few months ago Ben went to Chicago one week and Las Vegas the next week - both for work. Rough job, eh?

The two weeks blended together for the boys and during the second week the boys asked when Dad was coming home from Chavegas.

I quickly realized that Chicago + Vegas = Chavegas! Huh-larious!

On Ben's flight home from Chicago his flight was delayed twice - and resulted in an additional overnight stay. The boys had been waiting impatiently for him to get home and I told them that his plane was broken. Well, in the world of P&M, batteries fix evvvvvvverything. So Prior, in the most sweet innocent voice asked me if Daddy's plane needed new batteries. The look on his face was like, "Duh - it's not that hard!!"

Next story...

I was driving the boys to the museum and from the backseat, Prior said: "Hey Mom, what's crappinin?"(You know, instead of "what's happening?")

A special thank you to uncle Brent for that one.

Next story...

Their memory is completely ridiculous. At least once a week Ben and I look at each other with our jaws on the floor. Like the time we drove downtown Edina (remember the boys aren't in the car often) and they recognized an ice cream shop that we had stopped at once during a bike ride this past summer. They said "We go on a bike ride here!"

Or when I told them that Kristi was coming over and they asked if she was bringing fruit. (I had an edible fruit bouquet delivered the night she was over - over 2 months ago).

Or when we pulled into a parking spot at IKEA and the boys told Ben to be careful not to smash the truck. The last time we had been at IKEA (over a month prior) Ben had bumped the retaining wall when pulling into the parking spot. A completely uneventful forgettable event that they remembered had happened the last time we had been at IKEA.

Next story...

Plural words are used a lot. I think it might be a result of this whole twin thing. Here are some examples:

"We don't like dinner" or "Nobody has to go potty".

That's all I can remember at this point - until next time!

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  1. Those are awesome stories Kristin! I was really curious what Chavegas was going to be:) Letting Max be naked was the only way I was able to potty train him. For some reason he did not go to the bathroom when he was naked, but the minute I put underwear on he wet them. Good luck with that! Potty training twins does not sound like a very fun job:)


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