Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Weekends

Gotta love 'em. I have always looked forward to the weekend but now that the boys are here I look forward to weekends even more. I was really excited for this last Memorial Day weekend. Here is what we were up to...

Daddy made us smile. (Prior)

We got to blow bubbles (Mason)
The drooling/bubble making has really started the last week or so. Does that mean teeth are coming?!!

We got to hang out on the deck (Mason).
These boys have skin like their Dad so we were sure to wait until the deck was shaded until we went outside. There isn't an SPF that could protect that skin! Check out those chubby legs!

We went on long walks in our stroller (Prior/Mason). We even got to walk to the grocery store. It's small grocery store so our double-wide stroller really sticks out. Everyone stopped to check us out. It's funny - people either react one of two ways: 1) wow - amazing...or 2) wow - you have your hands full. When people that react the latter you can tell they are secretly thanking God they do not have twins. I wouldn't trade them for the world!! 

We spent time laughing at each other!! 
I LOVE this picture. The boys are smiling more and more each day - but this is the first official picture of them both smiling at the same time (easier said than done!).

More time to think...Mason deep in thought.

LOTS of kisses from Mommy. (Prior)

More time to cool off (Prior).

And time for more pictures...Who doesn't love Pooh?! 


  1. Too cute... I miss the boys and cannot wait to see them this weekend!! Love-Gina

  2. LOVE the pictures where they are both laughing / smiling!!

  3. Ben- you're looking sharp in your cut-off whitie! Can't wait to see those boys! Are they up for a little swimming at the hotel this weekend? - Ang


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