Sunday, May 3, 2009


I hope you have a few minutes! I managed to take over 200 pictures on my camera this weekend. It was hard picking out favorites. Thank goodness for cute babies and big memory cards.

Prior getting cleaned up for his big day.

The four boys of the house taking a quick nap on Sunday morning before baptism.

All dressed up and ready to go. The boys looked so handsome in their baptism outfits. The outfits were extra special because the vests were handmade by Grandma Barbie out of my wedding dress shawl. (Prior/Mason)

Big stretches. (Mason/Prior)

Thanks Kristi for the P & M cookies for the boys!

The first "cousins" picture since the boys were born. Alli, Prior, Kennedy, Mason, and Miya.

Grandma Barbie and Prior and Grandpa Denny and Mason

Great-Grandma Alice and Prior and Great-Grandpa Wayne and Mason

Prior being baptized 'prior' to his brother.

Mason being baptized. No cries - they were both such good boys.

The Godparents, auntie Cara and uncle Jacob. Thank-you Godparents!!

The lighting of the baptism candles. I love the cute 'brotherly' look between Ben and Jacob in this picture.

Mason being blessed with oils.

Prior being blessed with oils.

Daddy's side of the family.

Mommy's side of the family.

The baptism cake. A special thank you to the audit committee of Dolan Media - they asked Ben at the meeting on Friday what the boys' baptism cake was going to look like. Good thing they asked - Mom had forgotten about that!

Before everyone left Prior had to show off his smiles for Grandma Barb.

Mason is so happy with Grandma Julie.

It was a beautiful day. Kennedy has her hands full!

Gus was a good boy, too.

We had such a good weekend. The boys were so good, weather was beautiful and it was fun to have all of the family in town. We truly are blessed. Well - I better get to bed. Big day tomorrow!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend had by all. How fun that Ben's family had 3 little girls and now gets 2 little boys! Their outfits were so cute with the vests and khakis:) Whoever said boys weren't as fun to dress as girls were wrong!


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