Sunday, May 31, 2009

16 weeks old..more firsts!

1.  First wedding.

On Saturday we went on another road trip. Back to Iowa again. This trip was to celebrate Ben's cousin, Nathan's wedding in Fort Dodge. The dudes even dressed up in ties and mohawks for the wedding. They did very well at the reception until the dance started and the music was just a little too loud for sleepy babies. After spending an hour or so outside with them I gave up and we took them back to the hotel. Within an half hour they were sleeping like logs. Ben went back to the party and unfortunately (thank goodness) someone had to stay at the hotel with them. I got some seriously fantastic sleep last night. 


2. First hotel stay

The boys slept in a pack-n-play right in between the Mom and Dad beds. Originally I was going to have them sleep in one bed and Ben and I would sleep in the other but with how much they have been 'scooting' around in bed I didn't trust them. But they were so tired I don't think they even moved.

Daddy and Mason getting ready for the wedding.

When in Rome...

3. First time in the pool 

I wish I had captured this 'first' on video camera - more for the audio effect than the visual. Apparently the water was a little chilly (and it was). The boys SCREAMED and everyone heard them. Everyone. So their first swimming experience lasted less than 3 seconds. We'll have to try it again with warmer water.

Cousin Alli with her floaties and Mason with his little swimmers.

Very angry!

Dad - this water is FREEZING!

Mason in happier times before the arctic plunge.

4. First time meeting the Schultes side of the family.

Prior is MUCH happier all bundled up snuggling with second cousin Kyle.

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