Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I survived!

On Monday I went back to work - and guess what!? I survived!! I even went back for day two. There were a lot of tears shed this weekend (sorry Mom, Cara, and Ben) in anticipation of Monday. While it was not easy, there were actually no tears shed on Monday or today. Leaving the boys at home has to be 1000% easier than if I had to drop them off at a center. I'm not sure I could have done it. Anyway - I feel so lucky that they can be at home and with someone that loves them as much as Tanja. I am also only working a few hours a day this first week which is proving to be extremely helpful because words cannot describe how tired I am! Mason was tired too so we shut our eyes for just a minute.

You may notice the lazy-boy is no longer green. Sadly, Grandma's green chair had to be retired. Each day it became more and more noisy - to the point it would wake the boys up when rocking them. It was for the best. Luckily we were able to find another chair very similar to Grandma's in the color brown - like everything else in our house.

Here's what the boys were up to when I got home...snoozing in their swings. Their hair is getting thicker and thicker every day. I can't wait till it's longer and curly!



And guess what else I did tonight - made dinner. When I went to the store I even bought the ingredients for two meals. That is unheard of. We have a Supervalu just a few blocks from our house that is nice and small so you can literally park outside of the front door and be in, out, and back home within 6 minutes if needed. Because of that we have a habit of going there and picking up what we need for one meal. So thinking ahead for two meals is a huge accomplishment for me! Thank you to everyone that brought us frozen food over the last several months - you've inspired me to cook meals and freeze a part of them for later. So smart!

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