Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome Fai!

Our new au pair arrived! Her name is Fai and she's from Thailand.

We are SO excited to have her join our family and we have loved getting to know her over the past month. Fai is unique in that she's already been to the US a few times, so her English is fantastic.

Guess what else? She's an excellent cook! Have I mentioned how much I love Thai food? The boys have been insisting on fried rice for lunch almost every day. Luckily Fai knows how to sneak in loads of chopped veggies and chicken!

She's started teaching the boys some Thai favorite being "I love you" and the boys have been busy learning how to write their names.

Fai has already gotten her MN license and has met a lot of friends and au pairs in the area. It truly is a small world. 

She brought the boys these adorable Thai outfits (in red). The boys call them their "fancy outfits". They are so stinkin cute!

picking Fai up at MSP
[m] fai [p]
p / m
p...needs a hair cut!
go twins!

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