Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Lovin' up that Mr. P at the park
The "I get whatever I want" eyes (M)
Crazy cousins at the park!
Lots of giggles...only a little brushing.
If anyone knows of a "longest nighttime routine" contest, sign us up.
Practicing at the field

Fun walk at Calhoun! P&M were in awe of the dog playing fetch in the lake
70 pounds in this stroller is getting to be a lot to push!

Chillin' at School Park!

Germ-o-phob or not, I certainly would not recommend drinking this water!!
Is it obvious that Mom and Dad know absolutely nothing about soccer? Yeah, I put their shin guards on over their socks. I realized that after their first game but decided to just go with it for the season.

story time...
dinner with friends...

school park
more school park! (m)

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