Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bucket List: Camping

Everyone has a 'bucket list'. Things they would like to do in their lifetime. I've always had one - adding things faster than I can check them off the list. After what happened this summer, I've been focusing on checking things off my list. I may actually post my list...(I'll have to add that to my list!)

Canning was on the list. Check!

Camping was also on the list. Check!

This was a very last minute decision, and a huge thanks to my dad for picking up the camper we rented, hauling it to our camp site, and getting it all set up. (My preferred way to camp I think!)

We picked a perfect weekend - the weather was gorgeous. We all had a blast and the boys loved it. Their favorite part, of course, were the smores.

While on our way to Decorah, the boys asked if our camper was going to have a toy room. Ha!

our digs
pure.silliness. (p)
so peaceful..and relaxing
the boys with our friends, the T family
look! no feet!
amazing snickers cupcake.

Bike rides! Pretty soon these two will be ready for the loop de loop!
Using two forms of extra lighting during the day to help find the trout.
Looking for trout!
My bestie, Beth, and her beautiful family joined us for a picnic lunch at the campsite on Saturday.
I love you Beth!
P&M stretching with me after my run. Since we camped right along the Elvelopet route I couldn't resist running the route. The weather was amazing.
Is that your camper? Nope - just our bus truck
grandpa came and made us pancakes on Sunday morning - what a treat!
lookin' for trout

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  1. I grew up camping and have some of my best childhood memories from our trips, mostly in Iowa. I grew up in Iowa City and my family is still there. I love seeing all the Iowa Hawkeye gear in your blog photos! Ross and I are headed home for the IA vs. MN game September 29th. GO HAWKS!!


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