Sunday, January 9, 2011

Schultes Christmas

Lots of Christmas memories left to share! In no particular order, here are the highlights of our Christmas in Dedham, IA:

We got to see our cousins, Kennedy, Alli, Miya, and baby Abby. They boys know who is sisters with who and and they love to talk about each of them. Each time we get together the boys  interact more and more with their cousins.

Grandpa Denny shared his breakfast with us - it even had frosting!! Two little beggars - I think they are both doing the sign for "more" in this picture.

Mason had his first babysitting gig. Fortunately Abby is a really good baby!

In addition to all of our 1st cousins, we also got to take a group picture with all of the Rupiper great-grand kids. I think that would make them all 2nd cousins? Not sure. This picture cracks me up.

Mason is going through a stage (hopefully it's just a stage) where he doesn't like his clothes. He says "out" instead of "off" but I hear a lot of "pants out", "shirt out", "diaper out". 
P&M love to watch sports car you-tube videos with uncle Jake. Pretty soon they are also going to want some sweet Mountain Dew pants to match...

Another shot with our idol, Jakey. Look - we even match! Well, kinda. I guess uncle Jakey's mom didn't make him wear a silly preppy sweater...

We played with other peoples' toys (even on Christmas those seem to be more fun than our own).

We helped Grandma with dishes...thank goodness she had a step stool with (barely) enough room for two. Who needs a dishwasher with these two!?

We had snacks with our cousins...
It's a miracle I was able to snap this one off with all four of them sitting at the same time. Thank goodness for booster seats with straps!

We celebrated at the Schultes Christmas on Christmas Eve and we also helped Grandpa Denny feed his calves. There was even a newborn baby calf! We can't wait to go back to Dedham soon!

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