Sunday, January 16, 2011

All Betta Soon!

The boys have been sick since before Christmas. They were on some antibiotics for an ear infection that they finished around New Year's. But never seemed to kick it. Lots of coughing (especially Mason), fevers here and there, poor appetites, lots of whining, droopy eyes, and we could just tell they didn't feel well. 

So after 3 trips to the doctor over the last week and a half, we finally have more medicine. The first two failed attempts resulted in a diagnosis of a "cold" that they would just have to work through. 

There's nothing more frustrating than packing up two little ones in 4 degree weather, entering a germ infested pediatric clinic, paying the co-pays (times two), waiting, only to be sent home without medicine. 

When we went in on Friday afternoon I had already decided that I was not leaving without a prescription - regardless of how "fine" their ears looked or how sick they weren't.

Fortunately we got a prescription this time. 

Unfortunately we also got a nasty diagnosis of pneumonia (both boys) and an ear infection (only Mason).

Here they are checking out the big trucks, yellow taxis, and school buses from the doctor's office window. They are such troopers for being sick for so long.

I'm so thankful to finally be heading down the right path - feel better soon boys!

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