Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Classic first-time Mom story:

A few weeks ago I saw a couple of ants in our basement. Coincidentally, later that night, Prior ended up with some large red marks under his arms and on his legs that looked suspiciously like bite marks. 

So I set out to find out who did it. I searched the boys' room high and low convinced I would find some giant tarantula-like spider. No luck. 

Convinced at this point that the marks were from the %#$% ants, I did some scientific research (i.e. google) and found a species of African fire ants that looked suspiciously like the 2 I saw in my basement. Mystery solved. 

At this point during the investigation I can't stop itching myself because I am convinced that I have ants and/or spiders crawling on me.

So I sent Ben to Walgreens to get some calamine lotion. 

A day goes by - the marks are still there. 

The boys went in to the doctor that day because they were having ear infection symptoms. (Refer to the story about this - no medicine was given). 

While we were there, we asked the doctor what poisonous creature(s) could have bitten our poor little innocent baby Prior.

Doctor said: "It's hives". 
Ben: "Are you sure?!?"
Doctor: "100%"

So one quick dose of benedryl and the African Fire Ant / Tarantula bites were gone. 

Completely gone.

(When I took a picture with my phone of his right armpit he insisted that I take a picture of the other arm pit. And then Mason wanted his armpits photographed as well (picture not included). Funny stuff!)

So now I'm curious what caused the hives!? I've tried to replay the entire few days leading up and can't come up with anything. Oh well - at least I'm safe from the creatures!

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