Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas 2010 part 2

In addition to our trip home for Christmas in Carroll, we made a trip back to Decorah the weekend before Christmas and enjoyed lots of quality family time! The boys were spoiled and we all had a great time watching them open presents. Christmas is so much more fun with little ones!

Rude Christmas at the Round House in Decorah

Presents at Grandpa Don's - what is it!?!?

More presents...

And more presents!

Cara and Cory enjoyed watching the boys fight over the tow truck and the "prior truck" (i.e. fire truck). The "prior truck" made louder noises and had brighter lights. Thanks, Cory, for egging them on! GG settled the brawl by making an emergency trip to Walmart to get another "prior truck".

The highlight was probably the drum set from Grandpa Don and GG. It is so funny to watch them. The very first time they sat down they played it like they knew what they were doing. The loudest gift award definitely goes to Grandpa - thanks Dad!

Here's a video...

Untitled from K Schultes on Vimeo.


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