Saturday, January 15, 2011

Art or Accounting?

When the paperwork came to our house in Decorah in 1997-ish I had to indicate what major I was most likely to pursue while in college at UNI. 

I literally was torn between Art and Accounting. 

Funny, huh?! I still remember my mom (like usual) giving good advice by steering me towards accounting. While I do "love" accounting, I also truly love being artistic - whether it's crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, pottery, jewelry, planning a birthday party for my babies, or remodeling a building.

So in between all of the busyness of life with twins, a husband, and a career I am always trying to keep the creativity flowing. 

I go through stages, but I ever since the boys were born I have become more and more interested in photography. Not to turn it into a business - but just to take better pictures myself. I like learning. I have taken a few photography classes and recently started taking some classes at the Apple store to learn more about editing and managing all of my photos. It's really fun - even with the limited amount of time I find for it.

Anyway, I have been organizing all of my digital pictures and have realized that I have missed some very important events in the blog that I don't want to forget about. So this post is advance notice of some serious catch-up!

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