Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nordic Fest 2010

The boys recently celebrated their Norwegian heritage at Nordic Fest in Decorah, IA. Last year the boys were taking 2-3 naps per day and also eating every 3-4 hours which cut into our "Festing". So this year was awesome! They love their wagon from Grandpa and we put some serious miles on it over the course of the weekend. They ate their first "varme polsa" - which is my absolute favorite Norwegian food (other than lefsa of course). For those of you that don't know, varme polsa is sausage wrapped in lefsa. And I don't even like meat! Strange I know. But so good! On Saturday morning we walked in the Elvelopet 5k walk/run. They boys had a blast in their stroller. Auntie Cara ran the 15k so we cheered her on after were were done. And we followed up the walk with a pancake breakfast at the fire station. It doesn't get much better than that! P&M dominated 4 pancakes in a matter of seconds. Stroller riding is hard work! They loved the parade! Oh - and we got Happy Joe's Taco Pizza for dinner on Saturday. The best pizza ever. Period! Noi came along so mommy and daddy even got some time out on the town - we had a blast!

P&M sporting their "I Lefsa My Heart in Decorah Iowa" baby blue t-shirts.
Everyone that cleaned their plate at the pancake breakfast got a free tour of the fire trucks! "Truck" happens to be one of the boys' favorite words these days. ("Mama" is number one of course).

This kind of stuff happens all the time these days. Prior's really good at making it look like an "accident".

Prior at the parade. We got to see lots of tractors and lots of horses.

This is Mason looking at me like "Mom - they clearly threw that candy at ME!
Why can't I have any!?"
It was definitely a sleeveless morning at the parade.
Like Daddy says: "Suns out - Guns out".

Prior at Dunning's Springs

Mason at Dunning's Springs

The boys were very intrigued by the water and wanted to get in. I let them put their toes in and then they changed their mind. Spring water is cold!

Guess who forgot their camera during this trip!? Luckily Noi had her camera along to capture all of our fun!

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