Thursday, August 12, 2010

State Baseball

P/M posing at home in their Kuemper shirts before heading south!

We recently made a trip back to Des Moines, IA for the boys high school state baseball class 2A championship game. Uncle Jake and the Carroll Kuemper Knights matched up against Solon for a great game. We all dressed in our red and gold to support the Knights (thanks Grandma Barbie for the Kuemper shirts!) It's special enough to make it to state let alone the championship game! While the Knights weren't able to pull off the win, we had a fantastic time.

Prior wearing Dad's hat

Dad and Mase cheering on the Knights

Uncle Jake and the Carroll Kuemper Knights

Mason and Great-Aunt Shell on the jumbo-tron! I can't believe Noi was able to get such a good shot of this!

Dad and Mason


Mason and Alli playing piano

Mason after about 422 strawberries

Dad, Mason, and Kennedy in the pool

Our attempt at a "cousins" picture. Notice my children are the only two that required a "prop" (a remote)

4 of the 6 jumped on uncle Jake for a picture - didn't work so well! I love the look on Alli's face!
Jake - we'll plan on another trip to State baseball at this time next year!

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