Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Future's So Bright...

When we get out the shades, the boys' different personalities shine brightly (ha ha).

Mason takes his sunglasses off immediately, hands them back to you saying "pease" for you to put them back on. Only for him to immediately take them back off again. He would repeat that process for hours on end. Hence, the pictures below are all of Prior. (And, I don't feel bad because recent post have definitely included more of Mason).

Prior on the other hand...he keeps them on, leans back in the wagon, relaxes, and is totally chill. If you try to make him smile he purposefully tries to not let himself crack a smile. And if he can't hold it in and starts to smile, he corrects it and is quickly back to his "tough guy" image. It's hilarious. But if you take them off before he's ready to have them off, it's a stage 5 meltdown.

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