Wednesday, July 28, 2010

16 Month Pictures

In June we had Annie take the boys' again. They were about 16 1/2 months old at the time the pictures were taken. I can't believe how much they have changed in just a month and a half. They look less and less like babies every day. Which might be because their mullets get longer and fuller by the minute!

We met Annie in Northeast Minneapolis for some very cool shots. The scenery was perfect; however, the boys were not! It was one of those days where the boys weren't interested in doing anything they didn't want to do! (Those days are common!) I was surprised that we got any good pictures, actually. In many of the pictures you can tell that the smile that was captured was either follwed by or preceded by some tears!

I found these awesome cloth letters on clearance at Anthropologie and they hang above their cribs. I thought you all might appreciate the "help"!

Prior in his "airplane" polo. Airplane is actually the boys' new favorite word. There are many planes that fly over our house on a daily basis and they don't miss any of them.

Mason in his baseball gear. Baseball shirt from uncle Jake, baseball tie, baseball glove, and of course - a baseball.

This is sooooo Mason. Everyone asks how I tell the boys apart and I just respond by saying that it is hard to describe, but easy to tell. This is a classic example!

Prior Benjamin

These SUPER fun shirts are from my friend Julie. Prior's shirt says "Mason did it". And Mason's shirt says "Prior did it". How cute is that?! I will say that it adds a level of confusion - you have to think twice when you see one boy but the other boy's name! Ha! The shirts are still a little big so we will definitely be wearing them for future pics!

I love this picture!

Another shot that is very much Mason!

Bye for now! The next set of professional pictures will be later this fall for Christmas. BIG sigh!!


  1. My favorite is also the one with the 2 on it. Such a great photo. Fun seeing you guys in Decorah...hope it's not a year before we see each other again!

  2. kristin!! i love the pic of the boys in the shirts from me! so cute! i hadn't seen them yet and am so excited that you used them for pictures!! miss you!!


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