Friday, August 20, 2010

Broccoli Pancakes and Strawberry Milk


Mason eating his broccoli pancakes.

Mason drinking his strawberry milk

Noi makes the best Pad Thai around. But, making sure I eat my my meals is not a big concern around this house! I've always said the boys are good eaters, but they sometimes need a little help.

By the time I get home from work, the boys are distracted (because mom and dad are home) and tired (because going to the park is hard work). So they would much rather throw their arms in the air and sign and say "all done" than eat their meal.
Noi knows their tricks and has a few of her own. For example, P&M (Mostly M) would probably eat pancakes for every single meal - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It started with banana pancakes, but quickly spread. Noi started making the boys broccoli pancakes. Yes - broccoli pancakes. And strawberry pancakes, and blueberry pancakes, and carrot pancakes, and pretty much anything healthy you can put in a pancake. And guess what? They love them them all.

She's also found that with their current napping schedule (around 11:00 am for about 0-3 hours), they sleep better if they have a snack before their nap. And since they are down to 1 nap a day, it is a very important one! So Noi makes them strawberry milk before they go down. She throws milk and some frozen strawberries we picked earlier this summer into the blender and the boys LOVE it. Their eyes light up as soon as they see the blender come out of the pantry. P&M each chug a huge 8 oz. glass right before their nap and sleep like little babies.

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