Thursday, July 30, 2009

Festing and Family

This past weekend was Nordic Fest, an annual Norwegian festival in Decorah. We weren't able to make it back last year so it was very fun to be back this year. I got to see friends and family and the boys got to go "Festing" for the very first time.

We left on Friday after work and arrived slightly frazzled after about 3 straight hours of crying. My throat hurt from singing "10 little monkeys jumping on the bed" over and over (and over) and Ben's ears hurt from listening to it. It seemed to be the only thing that kept them from crying. Clearly I need to learn some more songs. Ben implemented a "no unnecessary trips" rule and defined weddings and non-immediate family member funerals as "unnecessary". Don't worry Jess and Nichole - we'll be home for your weddings!

After the weekend I stayed in Decorah with the boys until Wednesday as Tanja was on vacation this week and Ben was in Chicago for a few days. It worked out well - we all got to spend time with Grandma Julie and Grandpa Don and I had lots of much needed help with the boys. 

As usual I ate well. I'm not sure if it was the varme polse (sausage wrapped in lefsa - my favorite Nordic Fest treat) or the Iowa sweetcorn that did it but the boys GREW during our trip. Nearly all the clothes I packed for the trip came home and went directly into the too-small pile upstairs. Even Ben thought so when he saw the boys on Thursday after just a few days away. With a few exceptions the boys are officially in the 6-9 month clothes.

Going back to work on Thursday after my mini 'vacation' was a little rough - of course I missed the boys after getting to spend so much time with them but I was also completely exhausted!

Here are some highlights from our trip back to Decorah...

On Saturday morning we watched the parade and I got to see my cousins Jess and Chrishelle. 

Grandpa Don at the parade holding one of the boys - this picture is so funny. One of the boys (not sure which one) fell asleep in Grandpa's arms.

Prior and Mason. Mason's giving me the look like "Mom - does Prior have to be right on top of me?"

Prior relaxing with Grandpa.
My Dad (thank goodness) took the day off on Wednesday and drove the the circus (the boys, Gus, myself and our exorbitant amount of stuff) back up to the Cities. I'll tell you what's more dangerous than driving while texting or talking on a cell phone and that would be two slightly-spoiled babies in the back seat. The boys decided to be little angels on the way back up North - go figure!

The boys have officially started teething and I feel bad for them as I can just tell it bothers them. Grandma gave them wet washcloths to chew on and they loved them. Prior/Mason

Grandma and Prior smiling for the camera.

Grandma showing the boys her pond, the fishies and all the pretty flowers.

The boys couldn't keep their eyes off the fountain in the pond. Mason/Prior

Happy baby Prior. The big smiles just make my heart melt!

Prior taking a quick bath before bed at Grandma Julie's.

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