Monday, July 6, 2009


Prior and his dilated eyes

Last week the boys went to the pediatric ophthalmologist to get their eyes checked out. They were little troopers. I was interested in learning how one, highly educated or not, would tell if an infant has vision problems. I still have no clue. But the good news is that all looked well.  She didn't notice any issues with Mason and just a teeny bit of crossing with Prior. Prior is going to go back in a few months and they will both go back when they turn 1 year. She said there is nothing to worry about before 6 months of age! Great news! Now what will I worry about??!?!

I did feel bad for them, though...they had to get their little eyes dilated. I despise getting my eyes dilated. They always tell you that it wears off after 2-3 hours and for me it always lasts the entire day. I have learned to just ask to come back next week for the dilating part and then never make another appointment.

The doctor made me feel good, too. She sees a lot of preemies and she commented on how the boys don't have "preemie cheeks". I think she meant they look healthy. It was a nice reminder that the exhausting 'round-the-clock schedule that we now call normal is for a good cause.

So - the good news is that there are 4-eyes but no one needs glasses yet! The better news is that if they have their dad's eyes (which at this point seems to be quite likely) they may not need glasses.

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  1. Glad to hear the appoinments went well! It was great to see you guys and catch up even though it wasn't for very long. Next kids:)


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