Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fast Learners

Mason and Prior in their MMC onesies

About a week ago Prior was sooo close to rolling over. The "real" way too (according to Ben - back to front). I was really excited because Mason seems to do everything first even though he's the younger one (by 1 minute). But Mason beat him to it. Last Thursday night Mason officially rolled over for the first time at 5 months old.  On Friday Ben was home with the boys and said Mason did it several times during the day. I'm so proud of him! I knew Prior would be right behind him and sure enough he rolled over on Saturday.

These feelings of excitement were short lived when I quickly learned some of the implications. I thought we would be easing into this new mode of transportation. Apparently not. Until now the boys have been sleeping in the same crib which is located in our bedroom. Within just a few days of first learning how to roll over they are now professionals. The second they are placed on their back (whether awake or not) they roll. Regardless of any objects (or siblings) which might be in the way...

The boys have always done well at sleeping through ear-piercing screams by the other brother but when your brother literally rolls on top of you - you're going to wake up. 

So last night I moved the pack-n-play into the bedroom. Mason is asleep in the pack-n-play and Prior is asleep in the crib. Leave it to me to be sad about the fact that they're not in the same crib. I think I'm more sad about the fact that there is not room for two cribs in our bedroom which means both boys are going to have to sleep in their own crib in their room upstairs. All the way upstairs.... (I know what you all are thinking - it's about time!)

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  1. Great picture Kristin! No, I wasn't thinking it's about time. It's a hard thing to move them to their own room. I did it at 4 months and they were on the same floor as me! I tell you though...once you do it, it will be awesome! You can have a conversation in your bedroom and actually turn on a light if you need!


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