Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Insta-Weekend: Catch Up

Maybe every mother of toddler boys says this, but these two (not so little) boys are the most energetic, talkative, inquisitive, busy little boys that I have ever met. Ben and I joke that we're surprised they don't have sore throats because they talk And if they're able to retain even a fraction of their current memory abilities when it's time to start taking tests, they'll be SET.

I'll admit, there have been days that I feel like if I stop, I might never start back up again. Thank God these two are in my life to make sure that never happens!

It's interesting, but I recently met another momma that had to say goodbye to her baby. It was her first child. Her comment to me was: "I can't even imagine having to go on being a momma. When I was having a bad day I could just crawl in a hole. You can't do that." 

From my perspective, I couldn't imagine not having these two. If crawling in a hole was an option, I might never come out.

I took about 4 weeks off of work after Baby Franklin was born. Was that the right amount of time? Who knows. There's no handbook for that. But in those 4 weeks I took advantage of every second. I tried to capture pictures of of the fun things that we did (can you believe that I had a list?!) - But I missed some of them. LIke the naps I took with the boys. Amazing. 

Anyway, we did as many FUN things that we possibly could and I will always look back on this "leave" very fondly, despite the circumstances...

The Curious George exhibit at the Children's museum. (check!)
The pool park (check!)
Runs around Bredesen Park (check!)
Fun with boxes (check!)
Just hangin' (check!)
Tractor rides in the 'burbs (check!)
Visiting the wedding/reception site for Cara's big wedding next summer (check!)
Free hats at the Edina parade on the 4th (check!)
A fun summer drink - mango passionfruit margaritas (check!)
Enjoying our new screened-in porch (everyone should have one of these). (check!)
Up way past our bedtime, fireworks, and mosquito bites on the 4th (check!)
Fun with our friends on the 4th (check!)
Splash park (check!)
A trip to the mall and our new visors. We wanna be just like Uncle Brent! (check!) 
Out for lunch (check!)
Our doctor bracelets - checking out our kidneys (the u/s came back normal). (check!)
Cara said "yes to the dress" (for real this time) and we celebrated with a fun boat drink (check!)
The Zoo! (check!)

New bandaids from Target (check!)
Visiting Daddy's work office and having lunch with him (check!)
Some girl time (check!)
More time on the porch (check!)

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  1. Seems like a nice—and much needed—leave. I love the photo of the boys in the boxes! That wedding reception venue looks amazing—tons of character. And the porch looks wonderful. We built our house 7 years ago and still have the would-be porch-door bolted shut bc it’s a two story drop. Hopefully after the adoption, we can start saving for a screen porch. If you have a builder recommendation, please let me know.


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