Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adventureland 2012

Our second annual trip to Adventureland with the cousins was a success!

It was an absolutely perfect day for the park. A lot of other people thought the exact same thing because it was packed! Long lines aren't good for impatient 3 year olds (or adults)!

The boys got to go on a few more rides this year. Prior loved all of the new rides - like the frog hopper and the log ride. Mason, however, did not like anything that made his tummy feel weird. He cried after we got off the log ride (he's the one with the death grip on my arm in the photo). He said "Mom, never ever again will we go on the log ride!"

It's so fun to see how these two are different, yet exactly the same all at the same time. In the car on the way home from Adventureland Prior finished one of Mason's sentences and we were certain Prior was sleeping when he did so. 

I ended up taking so many pictures I had to put them in a slideshow. There are also some swimming pictures in there at the end - these two little fish love the water.

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