Sunday, August 5, 2012

3rd Birthday Party - More Details

I posted about the party planning and a video of pictures, but not the actual party!

Want to know what reminded me that I had missed this oh-so-important post? The fact that the boys have already chosen the theme for their 4th party and we've already started "pinning" ideas and inspirations.

I had so much fun planning this party - I can't even tell you! I did have help from my favorite party planners: my mom and sister. They even made a special trip to help plan the party. Thank you again!

The party was held at the Williston Center in Minnetonka - complete with an indoor park and a splash pad. Perfect for a February birthday.

The pre-work included: making the boys' t-shirts, the gift bags for our cousins and friends, the banner, the sign, menu planning (and naming), and the dino tails (thanks again mom!)... I used my silhouette machine for the t-shirts, gift bags, and banner. It was all very very easy.

The menu included the following:
  • Priorasaurus Punch (a drink of lime sherbert and sprite)
  • Masonasaurus Maid-Rites (sloppy joe's)
  • T-Rex Teeth (bugels)
  • Dino-Dip (queso dip with cheese)
  • Extinct Eggs (jello eggs - there is a GREAT story that goes with how I got my hands on those jello sure to ask me! Hint: craig's list!)
  • Stegasaurus Sticks (pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and dino sprinkles)
  • 2 personal dino cakes for P&M and nest/egg cupcakes for our friends and family
I'm good at multi-tasking, but it was pretty difficult to be the host and also get photos. I didn't get nearly as many photos as I would have liked, so I'll remember that for future parties..

The guests included:
Our whole family! We were so lucky that all of our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents could make it. So thankful for a mild winter and that everyone was healthy! We also had our friends: Carson, Tommy, Wyatt, Beau, Mena, Leighton, Ben, and Will. Seriously. These boys are so lucky!

The details (and the obsessive over-documenting with pictures and videos) paid off. The boys still talk about this party often. Mission accomplished!

Well, I better get back to pinterest!

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