Sunday, August 26, 2012

IA State Fair

We were in Des Moines for our annual Adventureland trip and also made a stop at the Iowa State Fair....

The MN state fair is going on now. I am afraid I may only have one state fair in me per year. We'll see!

Cousins pic. It was actually chilly - first time all summer!
The beloved "butter cow". 
Award winning corn. 
The "little hands on the farm" farming exhibit was really neat. The kiddos got to "practice" farming. They even got to sell their produce at the market and use the proceeds to buy a treat.

Lil' Farmers
Ken and Mase
Allimacke (all one word!)

Checkin' out the mules.
This was Dad's idea...not mine!

watching some dancers
Nothing says "IA State Fair" like a good rhino statue!

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