Friday, August 12, 2011

State Baseball

Congrats, Uncle Jake, to a great senior year of baseball. We had a blast this summer catching a handful of games and spending time with the fam.

You are 100% hero to Mr. P and Mr. M. They want to be just like you!!

(Well, minus the Iowa State part).

M and P gettin' ready for the game

M / P

 "Jakey Number 4!"

Two cheeseball smiles from two cheeseballs

"Jakey ripped it" - and he did!!

Surprise, surprise. Mason has his shirt off. (In his defense it was pretty hot out!) 
At this point during the game I thought he might actually fall asleep standing up!

Dad and P. It's getting serious.

Hey - everyone look at the camera....

Mase and Alli

Two brothers. One before the Freshman 15. The other after.

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