Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Decorah Weekend

While Dad worked on an (unexpected) basement project, the boys and I spent a weekend in Decorah. I managed to capture most of the trip on camera. Surprise, I know. Taking all of these fun pictures reminded me how beautiful Decorah is. I grew up there, so naturally I take it a little for granted. Many small towns don't have nearly as much character as this one does.

Our first stop was Dunning Springs. I have memories of running near Dunning Springs while I was in high school. The ice-cold spring water cools the air and it was a good place to cool off in the middle of a run on a hot summer day. The boys loved throwing rocks. They can throw pretty hard but their aim isn't quite the best so we had to put an end to the rock throwing party.

Prior winding up!
Mason pointing to one of the rocks he threw. This looks posed but it wasn't. The boys' expressions these days crack.me.up!
Looking for rocks.
Mason reaching for more rocks. Thankfully this one was too heavy.
Out at Grandma's house we rode the tractor - of course! 
Riding on the tractor with Grandma Julie.
The next stop was the Decorah Fish Hatchery. The boys got to feed lots of pretty looking trout fish and man they were hungry! It was so fun to watch the boys' expression when the fish would jump out of the water to get the food. 

P feeding the trout.
Which ones should we feed next?
Mason laughing - so much fun!

There was a fundraiser at the Fish Hatchery and they were giving away free milkshakes. Yum! (P)

Seriously - the straws didn't leave the mouths until the glasses were empty!

There's even a mini-waterfall at the Fish Hatchery - it's so pretty out there. Ben and I had engagement pictures taken out there - just a few years ago...

P and Grandpa Don at the park.

P showing off his balancing skills at the park.

The boys talk about Grandpa Don's tow trucks daily - not exaggerating. So seeing them in person is always cool.

And we couldn't leave the shop until Prior was done "working on the computer" at Grandpa's desk.

Sick of pictures yet!?

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  1. I love this post! I feel the same way about decorah. I have memories of running by dunnning springs too but they are not fond ones:) my dad told me recently how much the hatchery makes per year selling fish food. I can't remember the number but it was well into the thousands! How fun that your dad gets 2 little grandsons who share his love of trucks:)


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