Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

What a weekend! While none of it included any traditional "lake" or "cabin" time, we had a blast! And the boys were so much fun! Here are the highlights:
  • We had two showings at the house this weekend (which made for 4 for the week - that's almost as many as we've had in months!). Curious what we'll do if it sells...?! So are we!
  • On Saturday we went swimming at a friend's house. And to my surprise it was actually relaxing (those of you with young kids know that not many things are!). The boys were so stinkin' good! I am still amazed! The pool water was 91 degrees so that helped!

  • On Saturday night Grandpa Don came to town and we grilled out. Yum!
  • On Sunday, despite my better judgment (or maybe just the lack of a sitter), we took the boys to the Twins game. 
No toy in the diaper bag can compete with a fork and a pepper shaker!

The game involved a lot of walking around!

We were lucky enough to find the Twins mascot, TC the Bear for a quick picture. TC's friend kind of cut Daddy out of the picture. And the look on Mason's face like - "dude - what the hell is that thing!?" is priceless!

It was SO hot! Their favorite "toy" during the game was water bottles. They actually resorted to dumping water on their heads. It was so funny! It resulted in an entire bottle of water at one point being dumped on Mom's lap (so I looked like I had peed my pants) but it was one of those "worth it" moments. I was totally fine walking around looking like I had wet my pants for a few minutes of peace!

  • It was so warm outside we decided to get out the baby pool the boys got for their birthday from the Macke's and the Steinkamp's. We filled it up in the morning around 9:00 with very cold water from the hose thinking it would warm up by the afternoon. The boys didn't care if it was cold - they wanted to dive in (they literally went in head first). There wasn't even time to change into our trunks.

  • We posed for a few smiley pics after our extra-long nap. 

  • We played with our new toy - the bubble mower. Or should I call it Mason's bubble mower. Notice both pictures are of Mason. He claimed it as his own and was not interested in sharing with his brother. (The fighting over whatever the other one has is in full swing!)

  • And no weekend is complete without a bit of mischief! The boys love the dog's dishes. 
Time out?! I don't even know what that means, Mom!

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