Thursday, April 29, 2010

Noi's Vacation

Noi is home! She spent two weeks in Europe on vacation with her friend Ouy. They called it the capital city tour. 16-ish days of traveling with all but two nights spent on the train traveling to the next city. Well, the plan was for 16 days. It turned into 16 plus 5 more in the airport...(keep reading). Noi tells me she took around 10,000 pictures (and I thought I took a lot of pictures!). 

The interesting part about Noi's vacation was that pesky volcano in Iceland that erupted for the first time since 1821 just days before she was supposed to fly home. She was supposed to fly home on a Sunday and was stranded in Oslo, Norway until Thursday. My frustration with regard to air travel delays would have been exhausted long before Thursday!! Noi was very happy to be home and it was during those five days that we were especially wishing we were closer to family.

The boys were very lucky to get to spend some quality time with family. Auntie Cara spent a whole entire week with the boys, Grandma Julie came for a few days, and Grandma Barbie came for a few days as well. Ben and I filled in the rest of the days.

Here is a quick recap of what we did while Noi was away.

We made big messes...

We helped Momma with laundry...

We learned how to crawl up on the furniture...and we think it is the coolest thing EVER! 

[Side note: They are so predictable. A few seconds of silence followed by an "I know I'm getting into trouble" chuckle and it's a guarantee that one of those boys is on the couch! Ben and I said that our children would for sure listen better than the dog does. Well, we're not there yet. But there's still time, right?]

Auntie Cara told us while she was here that she's moving back to Minnesota to be closer to us. How cool is that!??


As you can see we continue to wear or PJ's most days. Mom says she wishes she could wear her PJ's all day long. And yes, they are snowflake PJ's (it still snows most Aprils up here, so it's not as ridiculous as it looks).


We played outside and enjoyed this wonderful weather we've been enjoying in April. (Dad and Prior).

We are even learning to RUN! (In opposite directions of each other, of course).


Thank-you again to everyone for taking such good care of us!
And welcome home Noi - we are excited to have you back!

Love, smiles, and drooly kisses,

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