Sunday, April 18, 2010

I did it!

I know this blog isn't meant to be about me, but I couldn't resist.

Last April was spent mentally preparing myself for re-entering the workforce. Something that I will never forget. It is difficult after your first child for so many reasons. I was the same person I was before I had the boys, yet now I was different. Anway, it was definitely a growing experience for me personally.

This April represents another growing experience. This April has been spent mentally preparing myself for something else.

Leaving my two tiny babies (who desperately need me and can't possibly surivive without me)... 


for the very first time.

This past weekend I spent some much needed time with my "scrapbooking" friends. Scrapbooking is in quotation marks because I didn't actually scrapbook. The old Kristin scrapbooked. The new Kristin takes entirely too many pictures to scrapbook. I had a heart-to-heart conversation with myself and concluded that the thought of scrapbooking 3,000-ish pictures was entirely too overwhelming. (Note: 3,000 is not an exaggeration.) As if spending my first night away from the boys wasn't stressful enough...imagine the thought of trying to scrapbook that many pictures. And when you have kids as cute as mine, how could I
possibly narrow the number of pictures down to something more manageable?

So instead of scrapbooking, I made the boys some new hats. Cute? I think so. Practical? Maybe not so much since winter is
finally over. Oh well.




I even spent the night at the hotel with the girls. It was a trial run. We stayed in Eden Prairie so I was able to go home to help with the dinner/bath/bedtime ritual on Saturday night and was home on Sunday morning before the boys were even awake. It was still really hard, but I survived.

After that practice night, it was time for the real deal. This time I actually packed a bag and boarded an airplane. Yes - an airplane. Talk about some serious anxiety. That will do it. I spent Sunday and Monday night in Denver at a conference. 

And guess what?! I survived that, too. And so did the boys...Dad and Grandma Julie took such good care of them while I was gone!

Next up? 

My trip to Vegas next weekend!

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