Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Easter Pictures

We started the weekend with a stop in cousin Miya's house to help her celebrate her 2nd birthday. 

The Easter Bunny came early and brought us some really cool toys!

After Miya's party we headed back to the farm. We got to stay up way past our bedtime. Even better was when Grandma Barbie made us our favorite for breakfast - banana pancakes! Yummers!

Dad's cousin, Curry, also has twins that are only 2 months older than we are. How cool is that? Here we are posing with our cousins. [Prior - Mason - Cade - Aubrey]

Great-Grandpa Rupiper wanted to hold me (Mason) but I got a little scared.

After that we headed outside for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Me (Mason) with my Auntie Angie

(the hunt)

(yep - time for our nap)

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