Sunday, April 4, 2010

What does a COW say?

Grandpa Denny, his boys, and his cows

Dad and Prior

Grandpa Denny trying to get Mason's attention - he would not take his eyes off the cows!

The boys are quickly learning what all of the different animals "say." (The cow was actually their first.) 

At this point it comes out as "mmmm", but we're working on it.

This weekend we got to meet a few of Grandpa Denny's cows (even two sets of twin calves!) 

The boys were completely and udderly (sorry, I couldn't help myself) mesmerized by the cows. We thought they would be scared at the loud noises the cows made but they didn't get scared at all. They would not take their eyes off of the cows - it was pretty neat to see.

On the way back home on Sunday the boys also learned what a state patrol officer says after he turns on his lights and stops a certain someone for speeding...I guess we should have borrowed uncle Jake's fuzz buster.

(ps - more posts coming about our Easter weekend in was a fun one!)

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