Saturday, November 7, 2009

The not-so-big Bibs...

On Friday the boys turned 9 months old. NINE. This first year is going entirely too fast. I need a time out...or something (possibly a few weeks of sleep) so I can slow down and take all of this in... 

Today the boys were wearing some pants that looked more like shorts than pants so this afternoon Noi and I went to Babies R' Us and picked them up some new sweat pants.

As  we were walking through the isles I walked by the "preemie" sized clothes. The teeny tiny itsy bitsy preemie sized clothes. At that point I decided either A) they started making preemie sized clothes a LOT smaller than they did 9 months ago, or B) In 9 short months I have already completely forgotten how small these little dudes were. How can I forget? I took thousands of pictures - literally thousands! I honestly had to choke back the tears. It was one of those emotional "mommy" moments. 

Here are some pictures of the boys in their bibs. Their toes officially stick out of the bottoms which means in just a few more months they will officially "fit". 

I've also included a random list of a few of the things the boys have been up to. 

(Mason is on the left in each of the pictures).

Both boys are pulling themselves up at every chance they get. This includes pulling themselves up in their cribs. As you all know we've had some sleep issues in our house. It's a little hard to fall asleep when you're STANDING UP! The boys' favorite climbing tree is mom or dad. They are constantly watching each other and trying what the other one is doing. It's pretty amazing. The crawling and standing now means they fall down no fewer than 82 times each day. At this point the bumps and bruises are accidents but before long the injuries will likely be intentional "gifts" from one brother to the other (i.e. hitting/kicking/biting).

The boys absolutely love books and don't seem to mind reading the same ones day after day. With each page they watch in anticipation as if they have never seen the next page. And their favorite thing to do is to turn the pages themselves. Luckily we have the words memorized to several of the books so this makes it easier when the boys turn the pages.

Mason has one bottom tooth that is just barely poking through!

Prior is doing a lot of babbling. 

Last night I was giving Prior kisses and he actually leaned in nose-first for a kiss. Ben even saw it and Prior did it 3 more times. After each kiss he kicked his legs with excitement. My heart melted..

They're trying new foods. This weekend they had meat for the first time. Ben made some ribs on the grill and they loved it. They also have started pasta noodles, rice and egg yolk. They love the whole process of picking things up, shoveling them in their mouths and "chewing" them up. So if the tooth fairy is reading this - they would greatly appreciate a few teeth ASAP!

I don't want to jinx anything, BUT - this past week the boys have been sleeping from their 8:00 bed time until around 3:30-4:30 ish am. That, my friends, is a big fat giant victory for these two little monkeys.

The boys go in for their 9 month well-check on Tuesday so stay tuned for their stats!

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  1. So cute I can hardly stand it. Believe it or not (you probably won't) but I think I see some of you in them! 9 months of looking exactly like Ben and I swear I see some Kristin now! Have a great week!


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