Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family of Four

I remember when I was pregnant I kept wondering when the whole mommy thing would feel real. I wondered if it was the next week or the next month - or maybe it would be once they were born. Well, I'm still not sure it feels 100% real. (But that could be a side effect of 9 straight months of sleep deprivation.) 

As surreal as it seems, I officially am a family of four.

In September we had family pictures taken at the beautiful Arboretum in Chaska, MN. I'm saving one of my favorites for our Christmas card but just had to share a few of the others here! These two boys truly are the coolest (and cutest) little guys in the whole wide world!

A special thank-you to Annie Torrini Photography for the great shots!


  1. Love those pics! Oh my gosh! They ARE the cutest boys in the world!

  2. Friend! I absolutely LOVE the picture of you holding the boys. You look beautiful! But more importantly, you look like the happiest mother in the world! ~Malinda

  3. Awesome pictures....can't wait to see what your FAV is!


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