Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Queen Family Truckster

"You think you hate this car now - wait till you drive it"

Apparently a mid-size SUV is not meant for two rear facing car seats in the second row....unless the driver and passenger in the front seats are 4' 2" or less. In any event, Ben's MDX needed to go. So we considered the following:

- the mini van
- Suburban
- Tahoe
- the antarctic blue super sports wagon with the optional rally fun-pack

The minivan actually was never in the running - I just added it to the list here because of it's obvious practicality. Everyone with a big SUV will tell you that the Suburban is the right answer because there's just not enough storage space in the Tahoe with the 3rd row up. Right now we don't need the 3rd row and cars in general are such great investments why anticipate space needs before they happen? And then there's the super sports wagon. If one of those babies was still available we would be adding on to our garage so it would fit inside.

The winner: a gigantic black Tahoe.

I will tell you - there are quite a few places where taking twins is not convenient. Car shopping and test driving cars is definitely near the top of the list! I assume this is one of those things that holds true for kids in general.
I remember when we put a fence up in our backyard just for the dog and thought it was a lot of money to be spending - just for the dog. That was nothing! Selling our big car for an even bigger one takes the cake. And from what everyone tells me kids get more (not less) expensive the older they get!

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  1. Darn....I was thinking you were serious on the mini-van and I was getting my comment ready in my head as to how I was going to convince you guys to get one! Just kidding...the Tahoe is a great choice. I'm with you on the whole cost thing. It's crazy. Can't remember the last time I went to the womens section of a store before the kids!


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