Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maslow's Hierarchy

Remembers Maslow's hierarchy of needs? I don't recall all of the details other than it being about "needs".  

Today Mason reminded me of one of those needs...

The feeling of being "needed".

I know the boys need their mama, but to this point they haven't learned how to express it (unless you count crying at 2 and 5 am).

We were over at the neighbors for a birthday party. There were quite a few people and the neighbor was holding Mason. They were across the room and he was happy. They walked towards me. Mason saw me, recognized me, let out a few whimpers, reached both arms out and leaned towards me.

I swooped him up and at that very moment I fell even more in love with Mason...

and I thought that wasn't even possible. 

(*for the extra-observant - the picture above is of Prior. The post is about Mase so I thought a picture of Prior would be fair).

1 comment:

  1. Oh just wait Kristin...more of that to come say for the next 2 years!!


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