Friday, August 14, 2009

6 Month Check-Up

This afternoon the queen family truckster made its maiden family voyage to the doctor for the boys' 6 month check-up.




Weight 16 lb 1 oz 25% 16 lb 0 oz 25%
Height 27 7/8” 90% 27 1/2” 90%
Head 44 cm 50% 43.6 cm 50%

What does this mean? The boys are longer than average, less chubby than average, and their heads are about average.

Prior beating out his brother by a measly 1.5 ounces.
Mason weighing in at an even 16 pounds. I checked Ben’s baby book and he weighed 20 pounds at 6 months. That’s another 4 pounds – that’s huge!

Four shots each today. That’s 8 total yellow tweety bird band-aids. Prior was the tough guy and didn't cry for his first two shots...until he heard his brother cry and then he started to cry as well.

The doctor said the boys should be having 2-3 meals a day of "solids".  Hopefully this will help them sleep longer during the night. My new hobby is going to be making their food so we are headed to the farmer's market in the morning. I'm excited! This will probably remind my mom of when I wanted to wash my own clothes using a wash-board or when I made my own fruit leather using a food dehydrator.
Based on this picture of Mason – how successful do you think we will be at introducing more solids?

The doctor also recommended we get the boys on more of a schedule. Right now they graze and take cat naps and it sounds like a schedule is better. Based on how much sleep we've been getting Ben and I are ready to try just about anything...

Mason showing off his four yellow band-aids on his legs (and everything else) outside on the deck tonight. It was hot and we stripped down after eating cereal and headed right into the bath.

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