Thursday, August 6, 2009

6 Months Old


Everyone tells you how fast the time goes in the world of parenting but until you experience it first hand you don't fully comprehend how fast "fast" is. 

Six months already!? 

For as many hours as I've been awake over the last 6 months you would think it would have felt more like 6 years. Instead it feels like 6 weeks...

We are having a blast - here are some 6 month milestones:
  • the boys have found their feet and think they are pretty cool. Mason even had his big toe in his mouth last night. Once again, Mason was a few days ahead of Prior and found his feet first.
  • they have started laughing 
  • they love it when you talk, sing, or read books to them. Their favorite book right now is Baby Elmo and their favorite toy is the leap frog rattle from Carson.
  • the boys have started interacting more and more with each other - this includes rolling on top of each other (see below).
  • I think they are really enjoying their bedroom. It's dark, quiet, and nice to have their own bed to sleep in.
Their official 6 month appointment is on the 14th and I am anxious to find out what their measurements are!




1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday boys!!!

    Love~ Jason, Gina, & Miya


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