Thursday, October 25, 2012

Insta-Weekend: Busy

Life has been hectic lately...but it's good to be busy. Enjoy.
Wishing our uncle jake a happy 20th birthday. (m/p)
P flipping through the photo album that Erika made us. He was telling a story about each picture - so cute!
A good friend surprised me with these gorgeous yellow roses on Franklin's due date. Exactly what I needed on that day. So thankful.
And the card....perfect as well. I certainly hope it's true.
Another friend sent me this yummy candy bouquet...I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends.
The annual pumpkin event at Edina Realty. Another set of identical twins..
Picnic at the park!
AupairCare Family day! The ice cream truck is quite the hit. M/P
Daddy and P
P&M racing on their bikes to school. Mason is in the lead...of course! I love that the boys can ride their bikes to school.
Family Day at Mommy's work office! 
Mom - can I have a drink of your shake!?
The boys call it "pro-teeeeen".

YUMMY papaya salad - my fav!

1. we bought toilet paper at costco. 2. we had friends over for dinner 3. it got really quiet. 4. tah-dah!

Family day....the boys had their first sample of cotton candy!
Mom - can I eat this!??
Homemade choc chip cookies
Tattoos at AuPairCare family day
Tattoo time.
Tools are cool! Anyone want to hold the nail?!?!
Pineapple fried rice - delicious!
Mom - I'll take all THESE books before bed! Dr. Suess books are fun to read - I love the  rhyming.
We also wished Grandpa Don a very happy birthday this month! Here's P learning how to work the flatbed tow truck.
Mother's Tea day at preschool. These boys are the blessed.

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