Monday, October 29, 2012

Insta-Weekend: Alma Mater

Ben and I spent part of the weekend in Cedar Falls, IA where we went to college. It brought so many fond memories...

I graduated in 2002 - so it's been 10 years. I'm seriously old. Luckily "old' is always 10-15 years older than you are. It works out perfect that way! 32 isn't old. But 45 certainly is! See!

The best part was that we did not have a schedule or any firm plans. There was absolutely no rushing or hurrying. We had dinner with no interruptions, I took the longest shower that I wanted, woke up when I wanted to, and ran without feeling guilty. A much needed relaxing get away.

"I remember when" (see, I am old).
I remember when gas was 99 cents at the Music Station...and my white Chevy 5-speed Cavalier was my favorite car of all time. I think it still is.

Bender Hall - looks the same now as it did in 1998. I will always feel bad for having my parents carry that rolled-up piece of heavy berber carpet up 9 flights of stairs in August to my non-airconditioned dorm room.
I remember hearing this at 11:45 pm on most weeknights during my last semester while studying for the CPA exam:
"The library will be closing in 15 minutes. You may check out books for only 10 more minutes. At that time, all service desks will close."

Lame? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.
This was one of the many houses Ben lived in. This was the one where I honestly felt like my hands were cleaner if I didn't wash them after going to the bathroom.
Toad's! And their famous Chicken Tortilla soup
Pumpland. Where my accounting career began. I had my first internship here. I think I made $8/hour - and I remember that being
The business building.
The library. Isn't the whole book thing kind of obsolete? I'll bet there are some books that haven't moved in 10 years. The study tables and chairs were the same! Almost made me want to go back to school. Almost.

Taco pizza on the road - keeping it classy.

The business building. Where I learned about debits, credits, and how to pass the CPA exam.
And yes, those are purple pants. When in Rome...
The new Mcloed Center on campus - very impressive.
Beloved Pointe many memories!

Training for my 10-mile race. I picked a pretty hilly course, but fun to run my old route. Funny to think that I ran back then to prevent the freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior 15....and now it's to be healthy.
Got to meet up with my college roomie, Andi - yeah!

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