Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cheap Mason and Cheap Prior

The boys wanted to be fire trucks for Halloween. Not just firemen, but fire trucks. We picked up the fireman costumes at Costco over a month ago and the boys have had them on almost every day since. I'm actually really impressed with the quality of the costumes - even the buckles are metal.

The trucks were created from scratch with cardboard, paint, tape, my silhouette (for the lettering), and some inspiration from pinterest. The axes are just cardboard wrapped in colored duct tape.

About a month ago, Ben bet me that I'd still be working on the costumes on the 31st. I took that as a challenge. At 10:30 pm on the 30th, he informed me that I only had 1.5 hours to go! I finished with a little less than an hour to spare, but somehow he still thinks he won the bet....all because he spray painted the boxes.

When I deemed the trucks complete a little after 11 pm on the 30th, I was feeling pretty good about the outcome. However, the boys informed me the next morning that the trucks were missing the "intake valve". 


"What are intake valves?" I asked.

"That's how you get the water from the fire hydrant to the hose, Mom." As if it was a ridiculous question...

The boys wanted to make sure the trucks said Chief Mason and Chief Prior. They pronounce chief as "cheap" and I don't have the heart to correct them.

Oh, and the silhouettes in the windows were my creative project from last year but we saved them and got them out again this year. Scary, huh!?

What didn't get done this year?! Carving pumpkins. Oh well, next year...

Happy Halloween!

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