Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Insta-Weekend: a Catch Up!

My sister reminded me of the obvious...I'm a little behind. Life just needs to slow down a bit...

We had a trip to Iowa that i didn't do a good job of taking pictures at...

And I had one of my best friends in town another weekend.

Turns out these two little boys do not like to "share" me with anyone else. Especially on a "freakin' weekend". They.were.naughty!

Anyway, Ben and I started calling weekends "freakin' weekends" back when that Rhianna song was popular, and the boys picked up on it. At least once per day I get asked: "is today the freakin' weekend, Mom?" Because the weekend means mom and dad are HOME!

The worst is when they ask if tomorrow is the "freakin weekend" on a Sunday or Monday night...ugh!

Christmas hats in April...these boys love hats.
A "picnic" in the kitchen.
Hey, if it helps make dinner less of a complete fiasco, I'm all for it.
(It didn't). 
Pretending to nap on their beach towels. In their "underwhackers".
Watering the plants.
Practicing fishing. We can't wait to go fishing on our vacation!! Is it summer yet?!
It wouldn't be a weekend without at least one trip to 'Nards.
P told me he had to do "some work".
It is grilling season.
And these two have redefined "monkey see, monkey do".
You never can be too safe...hence the two oven mitts. 
Helping build the new sand box!
Squirt guns and Spiderman undies.
Whenever the boys get wet they say: "I'm soap'n wet!" I guess they got that from "soaking wet" but I think I like "soap'n wet" better so I'm going with it!

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