Sunday, May 6, 2012

Insta-Weekend: 5.6.12 - Ants in the Pants

Three is way more hectic than two. Whoever coined the phrase "terrible twos" must have done so simply because it rhymed! There is definitely more energy (and whining and tantrums) now than when they were two.

Twin three-year-old boys and rainy weekends do not mix! This was the second rainy weekend in a row. Thank goodness for the Williston Center. By Sunday morning we were there when they opened and the boys ran, jumped, swam, and yelled for over 3 hours straight. It was exactly what the doctor ordered and we had a blast!

It was cute because one of them went up to an adult stranger on two separate occasions and said: "We had our 3rd birthday party here. It was dinosaurs. T-Rex." They were so proud!

I love these pics - the boys look so happy in each one! These "freakin' weekends" go entirely too fast!


Notice we couldn't take the Twins ball caps off...heavens no!
We had to turn them around while we had our helmets on.
Erika took this adorable picture during the week. Fun on the deck!

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