Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Morning!

On some mornings the boys are still sleeping when I leave for work...other mornings they are awake. It usually depends on how late they stayed up talking to each other in bed the night before! But either way I absolutely love that they get to wake up on their own. They have plenty of years ahead of them to be woken up.

I end up getting out of the house earlier on days that they sleep in, but then I miss not seeing them in the morning before I leave!

This morning they were still sleeping when I left the house and I was really missing them when I got to work. So I sent Erika a text that said: "Good Morning to my Boys!"

And this is what I got back....

This might be my favorite text message EVER!

(PS - Mason does not have an owie on his face - he just wanted a band-aid!)

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