Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Insta-Weekend: 5.20.12

This was a weekend of birthday parties. Three to be exact. The themes were: Fancy Nancy, Handy Manny, and Mickey Mouse. Very fun! The earlier part of the week was not so fun - I included a short synopsis below for your entertainment.

Our first taste of watermelon of the season!

Carson's "Handy Mandy" party as the boys called it. (P)
M not-so-patiently waiting for cake and ice cream. The party was at the Williston Center and the boys insisted on wearing their birthday t-shirts to Carson's party. 

We went to the farmer's market in Minneapolis. We arrived and Prior said "hey Mom - where are all the farmers?" I love this kid. Such a relevant question. Minus all of the whining,I seriously love everything that comes out of their mouths. So cute and innocent.
This corn tasted amazing - I can't wait for it to be ready this season! 
Cake - round 2 of 3 complete. On our way for #3 (M)
Oh-Toodles! (P/M)

And now for the story. Earlier in the week, we went head-to-head with the stomach flu. Apparently God thought that we should celebrate the 1 year anniversary of THIS, with another round. Fortunately this time around we were at home and not thousands of miles from home in a hotel room. Unfortunately, this time everyone got it. Well, most everyone. Everyone except the lucky, lucky, lucky person that boarded a plane early Monday morning and avoided it completely. Ben managed to not only avoid getting sick, but also avoided having to clean it all up for 3 days straight (while being sick). Even Erika was sick. The boys watched more cartoons on Tuesday than they have watched in all 3 years of their lives combined. I couldn't function! It was a rough few days!

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