Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photos by Erika

Erika loves photography. I swear that wasn't a requirement when we hired her! The cool part is that she's really good. And while the pictures remind me of all the FUN stuff I'm missing out on during the week, I still love seeing them. These pictures make my job look pretty boring compared to hers!

I promise we cut their hair! It's nearly impossible to keep up!

Girls ARE trouble! Erika has regular play dates with another au pair - this is one of her kiddos, Maria.
Mason shoveling leaves. You'd think we moved into a forest with all of the trees and leaves we have around. 

All of this practice with their shovels will come in handy in a few short weeks when the snow starts to fly...
Mason on the swing set. 
There's a random pumpkin patch in the parking lot of a church near our house. I love pumpkins!!

Erika and P - how cute is this picture!?

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